Tuesday, July 10, 2007

PR Guts Is Out for the Count...for now

So I didn't start blogging like I said I would. Today, I’m saying good bye to PR Guts, at least for the time being. I haven’t had access to the same print versions of publications I’ve enjoyed. But then again in the last two months, several of the publications I read consistently have gone to Web only.

Although I still have the same desire to expand my knowledge and creativity for PR, my post-work activities has changed quite a bit. I have a new “friend,” been going to the gym and have quit smoking and drinking. Yeah, I know, we’ll see how long that lasts.

All the same, Fourth of July, I should have been watching fireworks but instead I was focusing on finding my $6 pack of Newports I lost in the dirt and on the fifth I was enjoy my last cigarette. Now, I am proud to say I haven’t had a cigarette for 111.5 hours.

Next week, I’ll be on my first trip (past Vegas) to the east coast. Indiana, of all places to meet my “friend” and see what happens. Maybe I’ll be able to convince my “friend” that earthquakes aren’t dangerous and her mom that we’re not all money hungry, gangbanging thugs in California. Those damn rap videos! (Don’t trip, I’m still hyphy!)

My guess is that I’ll be hanging out at Walmart, going a theatre that isn’t projected on a screen and taking a 1 year old to the county fair. Don’t worry. I’ll still have my fun. Then I’ll have a full day in Chi-town with my “friend.”

Since the All-Star game is in San Francisco this week, I couldn’t resist saying a few words about Bay Area sports. Barry Bonds didn’t participate in the Home Run Derby even at the request of the owner; Brian Sabean is still in charge and Peter Magowen will have a good ballpark, a huge bill and no talent. That’s a great formula for success. A’s have a creative GM in Billy Beane; more injuries than a football team and our clutch hitter is Mar-co Scut-a-ro.

In basketball, Nellie wants $5 million a year, Baron Davis wants more money too and a possible Kevin Garnett trade is keeping the buzz alive. Ship Brandon Wright and Monte Ellis with some salary off to Minnesota but only if we can give Garnett an extension or else he’ll get a $6.5 million bonus and walk after one year. We’ll be fine at the two with Marco Belinelli, according to Nelson and I believe him. We probably won’t have Jessica Alba in our stands next year but “We Believe” we can make the playoffs.

The 49ers was in salary cap hell for the last few years went on a shopping spree and had a solid draft and somehow still have nearly $10 million in cap space. And we got Seattle’s #1 receiver.

And only because I am a Trojan and Pete Carroll is from Marin. Solid recruiting class and USC will be challenging for another title next year.

For now, thanks for checking back and I’ll holla at you later.

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