Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cop Steals Evidence and Makes Pot Brownies

Most of you have already heard this but I couldn't let anyone miss this. A cop called 911 after he made brownies with confiscated pot. He and his wife takes the entire batch (quarter grams) but she's also on vicodin. Check this out:

Schools Not Prepared for Today's PR

Edelman and PRWeek will be hosting an Academics Summit on June 7-8 in New York City. Among the notables guests ar David Kirkpatrick and Dan Gilmor. According to the site, "The New Media Academic Summit will convene business leaders, academics, journalists, bloggers and communications professionals to discuss the challenges facing universities in preparing the next generation of graduates."

When I was leaving college in 2002, the USC Annenberg School for Communication began cross training journalism students to be prepared to write for print, produce or be on air for broadcast and develop Web design skills. Altough I majored in print journalism, I was able to have brief stints with and FOX KTTV-11 in addition to a few print gigs with the Orange County Register and a customer publisher called Imagination Publishing that published Wells Fargo Business Advisor. But at that time, the cross pollination and emergence of bloggers was at its infancy so I didn't get exposed to it much until my second year in the PR biz.

Recent college graduates have contacted me in hopes of getting help in landing an internship or an entry-level position. I've been pretty disapointed in the quality of experience that I've seen. Not due to lack of effort on the candidates part but a lot of the opportunities are limited to drafting a release, pulling together a media kit and event coordination.

Events like these are a very positive step to connect students, educators and real life practitioners and I hope to see more of these events in the future. Unless we participate in contributing to the success of these students, we shouldn't be in a position to complain about the new candidates that come out of local colleges.

PR All Figured Out?

I don't know whether to laugh or be mad but this is too funny not to talk about. But it is a strong indication that Kevin Murphy's not alone in the ten types of tech PR pitches and us PR folks need to step up our game. Sometimes I think all it takes is a little common sense and effort but maybe I'm wrong. I wish more reporters would blog about good examples of a good PR pitch instead busting out the lame. Now that would be cool!

Hiatus Is Over!

After nearly two months off from blogging, I'm game again. I took a bit more time than I intended to...after taking two weeks off and starting at Access Communications, I started coughing. That turned into a cough and I missed a few days. Then it was a great long Memorial Day weekend before jury duty came knocking on my door. Now I'm back in the swing of things and ready to jump back into action. There's been a lot of exciting news in the last two months but I won't go into the past.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Keyshawn Johnson Retires

I met Keyshawn once at USC. He was the guest in one of my classes. This was shortly after he landed with Tampa Bay. He signed my issue of SI w/ him in Bucs costume (not a uniform). I have no idea where it is. I liked Keyshawn but never really saw the full benefits of potential his hype was built on. Today he retired saying that he wanted to go out on top. So I guess I never will but the last few years, I didn't think I was going to.

I'd like to see what offers he got because I'm not sure I believe that he got multiple multi-year offers. I bet he would say that he doesn't have to show me or anyone.

He made his millions and I think he does have a successful restuarant in L.A., so I guess he's had a successful career.

Don't get me wrong, I like Keyshawn. I just hold my fellow Trojans to a higher standard. Ultimiately, he got booted by Dwyane Jarrett, another Trojan and Keyshawn is a very funny guy and will have a successful career behind the camera.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Ink is Dry

Now I've seen the power of social media firsthand. During the last three weeks, I've had several emails sent to me about job opportunities. The combination of my blog and my LinkedIn profile peaked this interest. However, today I signed on the dotted line with Access Communications.

My decision was based on many factors. More than a month ago, I was contacted by a friend about the possibility of coming over to Access Communications. It was an interesting opportunity to reunite with past colleagues from MSR Communications and SHIFT Communications whom I've enjoyed working with. I then met with several future colleagues who had very strong relationships with security reporters, whom I enjoy working with most.

With already a very strong consumer practice, a developing green practice and other new clients, it is an exciting time to join Access. Also with a commitment to grow the enterprise practice and some exciting opportunities (that I'll expand on at a later time) for my professional growth, it became a pretty easy decision.

I look forward to taking on the new challenges and working with Trend Micro. If you are based in San Francisco and a member of the media covering security, I hope to see you on Thursday (May 17) at the party hosted by Trend Micro. Please email ( me if you need more details.

Monday, May 7, 2007


I wasn't planning on blogging for a few weeks but just wanted to throw this out there. I've been to a few shooting ranges in my life but not very recently. So during all this free time, my friend invited me to go to the shooting range. I headed to the BullsEye in San Rafael.

Nothing like the smell of gun powder, a Glock and a few hestitant ladies for a fun, blood-pumping Saturday afternoon. Then sneaking some free candy at Munchies and a nice waffle ice cream cone in Sausalito to cap off a hot summer afternoon.

Then on Sunday, I went to the Mission for some great seafood at Picaro. Now I'm not one to venture too far into the Mission but this place was great. We had an onion potato omlette then polished it off with what seemed like a clam bake over rice. Definitely going back!

Now that my installment of Bay Area Back Roads is over, I'll signing off until June 1 when I should be all settled into my new job.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New Places New Adventures

If you've been wondering why there's been silence for more than a month on this blog, here's why...

After having met with friends, mentors and family, I made a decision to change gears and head to another agency. Depending on who you talk to, I'm apparently headed to a few different agencies but in a few weeks time, the ink will be dry and I'll be letting everyone know exactly where I've landed. But during the past month, I've been updating my resume, having coffee or drinks with recruiters, VPs and HR managers...having met with 10 agencies, it took my focus away from this blog but I hope to start it back up after a few weeks off.

The decision to move came more recently as I felt my professional growth would be better met in another environment.

I've learned a lot at Zeno Group and have had lots of great opportunites and successes. I still have great mentors and friends and hope to stay in touch with them in the coming years.

Today is my last official day at Zeno and tomorrow (Thursday) I'll have a beer for breakfast then decide what I will do with my time off.

Go Warriors! Smoke that Cuban! Baron for Mayor!