Monday, May 14, 2007

The Ink is Dry

Now I've seen the power of social media firsthand. During the last three weeks, I've had several emails sent to me about job opportunities. The combination of my blog and my LinkedIn profile peaked this interest. However, today I signed on the dotted line with Access Communications.

My decision was based on many factors. More than a month ago, I was contacted by a friend about the possibility of coming over to Access Communications. It was an interesting opportunity to reunite with past colleagues from MSR Communications and SHIFT Communications whom I've enjoyed working with. I then met with several future colleagues who had very strong relationships with security reporters, whom I enjoy working with most.

With already a very strong consumer practice, a developing green practice and other new clients, it is an exciting time to join Access. Also with a commitment to grow the enterprise practice and some exciting opportunities (that I'll expand on at a later time) for my professional growth, it became a pretty easy decision.

I look forward to taking on the new challenges and working with Trend Micro. If you are based in San Francisco and a member of the media covering security, I hope to see you on Thursday (May 17) at the party hosted by Trend Micro. Please email ( me if you need more details.

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