Monday, May 7, 2007


I wasn't planning on blogging for a few weeks but just wanted to throw this out there. I've been to a few shooting ranges in my life but not very recently. So during all this free time, my friend invited me to go to the shooting range. I headed to the BullsEye in San Rafael.

Nothing like the smell of gun powder, a Glock and a few hestitant ladies for a fun, blood-pumping Saturday afternoon. Then sneaking some free candy at Munchies and a nice waffle ice cream cone in Sausalito to cap off a hot summer afternoon.

Then on Sunday, I went to the Mission for some great seafood at Picaro. Now I'm not one to venture too far into the Mission but this place was great. We had an onion potato omlette then polished it off with what seemed like a clam bake over rice. Definitely going back!

Now that my installment of Bay Area Back Roads is over, I'll signing off until June 1 when I should be all settled into my new job.

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