Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Napa Leads Country in Identity Theft and Fraud

According to the Federal Trade Commission, Napa, California led the country in filing identity theft and fraud cases. Is this due to Napa having one of the highest over age 65 population and are easily duped because they are not tech-savvy or because they are quick to dial? Or maybe because the population isn't that large when a few people are duped, the percentage skyrockets? What do you think?

With the new lures of Internet scams including phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks that are on the rise, groups like the FTC and security vendors need to step it up to educate the public. Only a combination of education and technology will help deter the problem.

Fraud 2.0 - Yes I said it. The next wave of fraud has come from online collaboration, not on sites like MySpace but IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Chat rooms. Since locating these criminal barterers has proved difficult, only a combination of federated identity and multi-factor authentication will lead us down the path of a safe online community.

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