Sunday, February 11, 2007

Not all PR is Good PR

I love making things controversial. I'm a big fan of Jon Spoelstra, a marketing genius who helped sell out the last game in San Diego Clippers history with Elvis night, brought radio in-house to the Portland Trailblazers, reaching into previously untapped revenue streams and changing the name of the Dodger's triple A affiliate in Las Vegas to the 51s to stir the pot and bring attention to a team that previously wasn't well-known. But I don't believe all PR and marketing schemes are worthwhile.

According to Deadspin, TNA wrestling is having a pay-per-view event this weekend that will feature "Team Pierzynski" vs. "Team Eckstein." This is an example of a really bad marketing effort. Maybe these players wanted to try wrestling but this is nonsense and probably not approved in their contract. Remember Jeff Kent? He supposedly fell off his truck while washing it. But rumor was that he was riding his bike, which was banned in his contract.

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