Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Todd Bozeman Upset Over Deli Meat Selection

After attending USC, I've become a Trojan for life. However, growing up as a kid, I loved the Cal Bears. Especially in basketball with stars like Jason Kidd, Lamont Murray and Shareef Abdur-Rahim leading the way. In 1996, facing recruiting violations, Cal coach Todd Bozeman was banned by the NCAA for over 8 years. He made his return to the hardwood last year with Morgan State. Recently, after losing a 10-point lead against Longwood, he wanted to give his kids 52 Philly cheesesteak and chicken sandwiches. After being told, the diner couldn't handle that request and agreeing to the offer of a variety platter, he went to pick up the order. However, to his displeasure, he found ham and turkey sandwiches not up to his standards and started yelling and shaking the female assistant manager. Now he faces assault charges.

Read it here on Deadspin.

I myself am a big fan of philly cheesesteaks. I'm not so big on the ham but I would of settled on a turkey sandwich with a little cranberry sauce.

But seriously, who does a takeout order when you're on the road and why is the head coach picking up the food? And finally, since when did an NCAA team start having 52 mouths to feed?

Way to go Todd. You're well on your way to showing your a winner and deserve a chance at a top program.

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