Friday, March 16, 2007

CNET Introduces BNET

According to Bacon's Media Blog, CNET Networks will launch a new business Web site called BNET in May. "The site will be designed to help business managers succeed by combining business information with community features and offering managers the solutions and tools to solve day-to-day business challenges."

My favorite so far is the "How to Manage your Boss" package. When did common sense not become common sense? I could go on but I won't...

Overall, this site should be useful for helping employees and employers maximize opportunities. Only time will tell when the real launch happens in a few months.

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Leslie said...

Although we're adding new features and functionality every day, BNET is up and running! The feature "Taming Your Boss" that you reference is one of several original packages that we hope will help you manage your business and your career. As with most of our content, it's based on your feedback, so feel free to post your comments on our blogs and articles. Thanks for checking us out!

Leslie Leite
Community Manager