Thursday, March 1, 2007

Rats Come One Year Early

While some of you may have recently celebrated Chinese New Years, the Year of the Rat is not scheduled until 2008. However last week, a KFC and Taco Bell in Manhattan's Greenwich Village had unwanted visitors and was forced to closed its doors when a TV crew caught more than a dozen rats running wild inside the restuarant after business hours. The franchise owner said construction in the basement stirred up the rats, which the health department believes is an infestation problem that is running throughout the building. The health department closed the resturant until the problem could be addressed. Yum Brand's Taco Bell restaurants are still recovering from last year's E. coli scare, so this should help improve their image drastically. But I don't believe the Kernal Sanders is smiling either. Check out the comments from bystanders in this video.

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