Monday, January 22, 2007

DEMO Gods, Angels and Demons?

Tonight at the Churchill Club event at the Hyatt in San Francisco, DEMO executive producer Chris Shipley led a session on taking an idea from conception to launch. She was joined by Brett Kilpatrick (Panoratio), Steve Larsen (Krugle), Srivats Sampath (Mercora) and Munjal Shah (Riya).

Riya recently launched I already love this site, and I don't even like shopping.

Here are some tips that I picked up:
  • Hire good people
  • Start with good engineers
  • Use beta releases as your market researcher (Unless you are an enterprise - Ugh thanks Brett)
  • Add at least a few great salespersons
But here's a few tips from a PR perspective:
  • Develop a solid consistent message
  • Consult independent reviewers prior to a public release
  • Hire a good PR firm to keep the momentum going after a launch
I've always wondered what idea I could come up with. Here's a few I jotted down on my way home...another long BART ride.
  • High definition Internet
  • Comprehensive news search
  • UTD media and analyst contact database
  • Excel that links to a database that is updated in real-time (yes, I used real-time)
  • Video camera via a Web browser
One day, maybe one of these ideas will payoff.

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