Saturday, January 20, 2007

Time Inc Lay Offs

New York Times reported that Time Inc. let go 289 employees and also asked for voluntary resignations. This effected Time, People and Sports Illustrated. Will new online content really be the answer for hardcopy publications to generate new readers? Personally, I still like to get my thumbs dirty and read the hardcopy. I'm one of few new school people in public relations that still like some of the old school way of doing things.

Content like ESPN Insider doesn't really encourage me to go its site because I wouldn't I pay for rumormill stories. I could just wait a few hours for anything that is inevitable and also read blogs that report what was said on ESPN. Isn't that why we have blogs?

Online content should focus on video clips, reader reactions and indepth analysis that compliments the news in the print edition, not just online version of the print story. But I'm glad I don't have to pay when I'm researching reporters I plan on pitching. Ultimately, I don't know how newspapers will survive but while I'm riding BART, I'm glad I can read the paper.

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