Thursday, January 25, 2007

One Good Idea: HD Internet

After last week's Churchill Club event, I wrote about my idea for HD Internet. Apparently, I wasn't the only one. Mark Cuban wrote how consumers want to be able to use their televisions as computers. Although you can already do this, I'm looking for the next generation, not just the capability. Although, just a consumerized interface for the capability would be nice.

But imagine if you could go to, pick out your favorite team's highlights and then watch it on your TV in HD, instead of a pixelated version when you want to watch it full screen on your monitor. Imagine if you could go to MTV Overdrive and watch a rerun of The Duel or your favorite new music video in HD. What about playing PC games on your TV and plugging a controller into the USB port of your HD flat screen instead of camping outside for the first release of Playstation 3, which you already know has bugs. Or imagine having NBA League Pass and being able to watch it on your couch instead of sitting at your desk or watching it on your laptop. I'd settler for getting rid of...buffering.

Can I claim copyright on this idea? Maybe I should follow in the steps of the Churchill Club panelists and hire some Stanford engineers to develop a prototype.

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